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Academic Activities
Co-Curricular Activities
Extra Curricular Activities
The College, enjoys distinguished position in the area of curricular and extracurricular activities. The college has an unparalleled tradition of seminars, workshops and symposiums. During the last four decades fifty three seminars have been successfully conducted.  The subjects included areas like Economics, Population Education, English , Gujarati and Hindi Literature, Freedom Movement,  Cooperative sector, Rural Development, Five-year plans, Social problems, Rationalism, Mind Management, Folk Tales, Ecology,  Journalism and Social Problems.
Twenty three workshops in various subjects have been held by the College since 1982. These workshops have proved fruitful to the  participants. The areas included are Population Education, Cooperation education, creative Literature, Question banks for various  subjects, framing & structuring of syllabi for the subject of Co-operation. It also involved restructuring of syllabi for various subjects in  accordance with U.G.C. guidelines.
The participants of these seminars and workshops have been reputed scholars, eminent professors, well known personalities from  various fields and above all teachers and Students. The regularity of these activities has earned high prestige for the College.
The College has its own criteria to encourage winners. The following Anand Arts College prizes are given to winners in various competitions and student got First Rank in the College.College given to various Gold Plated Medal & Prize.
Dr R.P. Patel poetry competition - 6 prizes for district level colleges
Dr. R.M. Patel cultural Activities Prize
Smt. Chandrikaben Elocution competition prize
Literary prize in memory of Late Suman
Dr. Babu Davalpura Gujarati Lecture series fund
Central Committee Medal - T.Y.B.A. First
Dr. R. P. Patel Medal S.Y.B.A. And T.Y.B.A - First in Gujarati
Shantaben R. Patel Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in Gujarati
Anand Mercentile co. op. Bank Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in Hindi
Shrimad Vallabhacharya bethak Mandir Medal - T.Y.B.A. - First in Sanskrit
Pro. B. U. Patel Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in English
Naya Padkar Arpit Pri. R. C. Talati Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in Economics
Late Ichhaben M. Sheth Medal S.Y.B.A. And T.Y.B.A first in History
Pro. J. K. Panchal Medal T.Y.B.A. First in History
Late Manilal Doshi Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in Psychology
Late Jayantibhai Doshi Medal - T.Y.B.A. First in Sociology
Shree H. J. Patel Medal - S.Y.B.A. First
Smt. Dahiben K. Patel (Kunjrav) Medal - S.Y.B.A. First in Gujarati
Late S. V. Nadkni Smruti Medal - S.Y.B.A. First in English
Late Umrajvada Prize - S.Y.B.A. First in History
Late Pri. V. R. Kapdiya Smruti Medal - S.Y.B.A. First in Economics
Shree M.B.Patel Prize - S.Y.B.A. First in Co-operation
Gujarati Literature Trust Medal - F.Y.B.A. First in Gujarati Literature
Paresh Shah Prize - F.Y.B.A First in English
Sitaben Patel Prize - F.Y.B.A. First in Non-English
Shree R.A. Patel Prize - F.Y.B.A. First in English Literature
Smt. S. D. Patel Medal - F.Y.B.A. First in Economics
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