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Academic Activities
Co-Curricular Activities
Extra Curricular Activities
Anand Arts College, has carved a niche in the area of extracurricular activities. The wide range of extracurricular and co curricular  activities of the college during the last forty years reflect an amazing pursuit of excellence. These activities are an integral part of our  unique educative mode. They aim at awakening the potential in students and channelise their energy towards constructive shaping of  their career. The activities undertaken are elocution and debate, essay competition, guest-lectures, N.C.C., N.S.S., Athletics, seminars,  workshops and exhibitions, Talented students are afforded Opportunities and are groomed for professional approach in future.  Students are encouraged and honoured for their achievements at university exams as well as extracurricular activities. The honour  includes gold medals. Prizes, awards, scholarships and merit certificates.
The wide range of these activities is backed by selfless service of incharge professors whose expert guidance helps students to attain  new heights. Our experienced faculty strives to bring out the best by giving direction to the latent energy of students.
The N.S.S department of Anand Arts College does the following programmes through out the academic year
One –Day camp
Relief fund
Thalassemia Save the girl child
Annual Camp AIDS awareness camp
Blood donation camp Erudition of Addiction
Tree plantation camp    
Different competitions for one whole week under the programme “Gurjar Nar- Nari
For N.C.C. the college has a unique image of its own. For years the college has set example by infusing in the students the sense of  discipline and self reliance. The sportsmen are driven by the motto of 'Health is Wealth' and hence they regularly go ahead with their  games & athletics round the year
The college is the leader of the spectrum of extra-curricular activities and has always remained in the forefront of academic field and  continues to charge the atmosphere with proliferation and dissemination of education and knowledge.
Cultural committee provides platform to the students for the development of their hidden talents in the area of Fine arts by motivating  them to participate in inter-college youth festival, Volcano, club competitions etc. In the inter-college youth festival the students  participate in Folk Dance, Drama, Skit, Mime, Light Vocal, Rangoli, On the Spot Painting, Poster, Clay Modeling, Quiz, Debate,  Elocution, Mimicry Competition. The following table shows the achievement of the students in cultural activities during years.
Year Item Prize
2009-10 Elocution Competition First Prize
  Essay Competition First Prize
  Slogan Prize First Prize
  Elocution Prize Second Prize
2010-11 Songs Volcal(Shastriya Sangit First Prize
  Halva kanthasth Sangit Second Prize
  Folk Dance Third Prize
2011-12 Anti-Corruption First Prize
  Light Vacal Solo Second Prize
2012-13 Elocution Competition First Prize
  Tablavadak Third Prize
  Painting Competition Third Prize,Consolation
2013-14 Debate Competition First Prize
Committees for extra-curricular Activities
Fine Arts Committee   N.S.S. Committee
Dr. P.M. Korali(Co-ordinator)   Dr. J. R. Khaniya(Pro-officer)Boys
Smt. Haritaben R. Joshi(Co-co-ordinator)   Dr.Smt B. R. Prajapati(Pro.Officer)Girls
Kum. Mittal J. Macwan   Dr.Smt.P.C. Patel(Advisor)
Dr.Smt.Kapilaben G. Patel   Shri Tribhovan Makwana
Smt.Komal B. Pandya      
Smt.Priyanka Jani      
Shri Ranjitsing Bhoi      
C.W.D.C (Women Cell)   N.C.C. Committee
Smt.H. R. Joshi(Co-ordinator)   Shri D. V. Zapadia(Co-ordinator)(Boys)
Smt.A. J. Bhatt   Kum.Mittal J. Macwan(Caretaker)Girls
Dr.Smt. P. C. Patel      
Smt.Beenaben R. Chaudhary      
Smt.Priyanka Jani      
Sports Committee    Debate Committee
Shri D. V. Zapadia(Co-ordinator)   Dr. H. S. Makwana
Shri Y. I. Vahora(Co-co-ordinator)   Shri S. V. Virola
Kum. Mittal J. Macwan   Smt. A. J. Bhatt
Shri Ranjitsing Bhoi   Smt.Priyanka Jani
Examination Committee   Discipline & Anti-ragging Committee
Dr.Shri Harish S. Makwana(Co-ordinator)   Dr. P. M. Korali(Co-ordinator)
Dr.Shri P. M. Parmar(Co-co-ordinator)   Shri D.V. Zapadia
Shri J. K. Vaghela   Shri Y. I. Vahora
Smt.A. J. Bhatt   Shri J. K. Vaghela
Shri Y. I. Vahora   Smt. H. R. Joshi
Dr. S. A. Gadhavi   Shri Tribhovan Makwana
A A A   College U.G.C. Committee
Dr. S. A. Gadhvi(Co-ordinator)   Dr. S. A. Gadhvi(Co-ordinator)
Dr. P. M. Parmar   Dr. G. R. Vyas
Dr. J. R. Khaniya   Dr. J. R. Khaniya
Shri Prakash Vaghela   Kum. Apeksha Gandhi
Kum. Heena Gohel   Kum. Heena Gohel
Time Table Committee   Parents Association
Shri Y. I. Vahora(Co-ordinator)   Dr. H. S. Makwana(Co-ordinator)
Dr. H. S. Makwana   Smt.Amitaben J. Bhatt
Shri J. K. Vaghela   Shri J. K. Vaghela
Dr. P. M. Parmar   Dr. P. M. Parmar
Dr. P. M. Korali   Smt. Beena R. Chaudhary
College Broucher   L.C.D. Projector
Dr. P. M. Korali   Shri H. M. Chavda(Co-ordinator)
Dr. G. R. Vyas   Kum. Heena Gohel
Shri Y. I. Vahora(Co-ordinator)   Dr. S. A. Gadhvi
Shri H. S. Makwana   Dr. P. M. Korali
Dr. P. M. Parmar   Dr. P. M. Parmar
Shri J. K. Vaghela   Dr. H.S Makwana
Dr. J. R. Khaniya   Shri Y. I. Vahora
Dr. Bhavna Prajapati   Shri H. M. Chavda
News Committee   News Collection Committee
Dr. G. R. Vyas(Co-ordinator)   Smt.A. J. Bhatt
BISAG-SANDHAN/UDISHA   Research Committee
Dr. G. R. Vyas   Dr. G. R. Vyas(Co-ordinator)
Dr. P. C. Patel   Dr.Smt. N. R. Sharma
Dr. Jitu Khaniya   Dr.Shri S. A. Gadhvi
Career Counsiling Committee   Grievance Redressal Cell
Shri S. V. Virola(Convener)   Dr.Smt.A. J. Bhatt(Convener)
Dr. Jitu R. Khaniya   Dr. Premchand M. Korali
Kum. Priyanka Jani   Dr. Harish S. Makwana
Works Related to Higher Education,Gandhinagar   ST/SC Cell
Shri Y. I. Vahora & Office Admin Staff   Shri J. K. Vaghela(Convener)
      Dr. Harish S. Makwana
      Dr. P. M. Parmar
      Dr. P. C. Patel
I Q U A C COMMITTEE FOR THE YEAR 2014-15 & 2015-16
  Dr. Neena R. Sharma(In-charge Principal),Chairperson
  Dr. Suresh A. Gadhvi(Asso.Prof),Co-ordinator
  Dr. Paresh M. Parmar(Asso.Prof),Member
  Dr. Premchand M. Korali(Asso.Prof),Member
  Dr. Gunvant R. Vyas(Asso.Prof),Member
  Dr. Padmaben C. Patel(Asso.Prof),Member
  Prof. Y. I. Vahora(Asso.Prof),Member
  Shri Harshad M. Chavda(Admin Staff)
  Dr. Varmala T. Bhamwari(Principal,Anand Education College),Member
  Dr. Chhayaben N. Patel(Principal, M.C.A.),Member
Address: Anand Arts College, opp. Grid, Anand – 388 001 Gujarat, India. Phone: +91 2692 250260, Email: info@aac.ac.in