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Anand Arts College, heralded a new era of university education and opened new vistas of education in Anand town since it was the first  college set up wayback in 1963. In the seventies, other institutions followed the example of Anand Arts College and many colleges  opened in Anand. The college holds fascination and pride of place in Charotar area of Gujarat. It is one of the prestigious centers of  education and has a glorious tradition of imparting knowledge to countless people over the past forty years. Merely 272 students  enrolled when the college started in 1963. However, through sheer dedication and perseverance the march of progress went on and  this full-fledged college today has the strength of 1800 students. Those bygone years have left indelible mark in the history of  education in this part of the state.
The college has played a key-role in shaping the future of many a professionals. Today the alumni of Anand Arts College occupy  distinguished positions in all spheres of life. This achievement and prestige has come after years of diligent pursuit by students, staff  and management. The founders encountered difficulties of every sort but dogged determination and clear vision paved the way for the  march ahead. Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal nurtured the infrastructure and encouraged all experiments for growth and development  of Anand Arts College. Later on Anand Arts College, Anand was to become an ideal for many other institutions of higher education that  were set up in and around Anand.
 Our Motto
 Our Vision
"Dissemination of knowledge and formal University education for the people who could not afford to go to metropolises due to paucity.of income. It was a mission to educate the havenots with minimum expenses and education at doorstep."
 Our Mission
"As the needs and aspirations of citizens of Anand and Charotar area go on expanding, the mission of the college expands. The ultimate aim is to educate and transform the minds of people to live in tune with the times. Hence all efforts of the college are in the direction of enlightenment and enrichment of the minds of students and this way to bring about a socio economic change."
 The objectives of Anand Arts College, are directed at social, economic and ethical upliftment of people. The objectives are -
To equip students with knowledge of languages and social sciences,since we believe in 'Knowledge is Power'.
To guide and direct students for graduation in subjects of Arts faculty.
To impart value-based education since languages and social science directly reflect ‘Knowledge is Power '.
To enable students to stand against future challenges by broadening their outlook and widening horizons of their consciousness.
Address: Anand Arts College, opp. Grid, Anand – 388 001 Gujarat, India. Phone: +91 2692 250260, Email: info@aac.ac.in