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Welcome To Anand Arts College


From The Desk Of Principal

Anand Arts College is a great institution with proud heritage. It is a privilege for me to offer warm greetings as a principal of Anand Arts College.
In year 1963 the first arts college in Anand region was established by Shri Ram Krishna Seva Mandal (SRKSM) is Anand Arts College. Anand Arts College in Anand town holds fascination and pride of place in Charotar area of Gujarat by imparting of knowledge to countless people over the past fourty years.

This college has been successfully started by enrolment of 272 students. Afterwards through sheer dedication of faculty members, perseverance, great teaching and learning aids on the march of progress, there are total strength of students becomes 1334  in 2019. This college is affiliated to Sardar Patel University & UGC and accredited by NAAC with “B” grade.
Teaching and learning are at the heart of our efforts to make our college more unified, more innovative, more accessible, and more excellent in the future. This is an institute that truly values teaching. AAC subscribes to the ideal of judicious, searching inquiry into our subjects and the topics we care about. We would be failing as academics without this standard, and our societies would be lost if educational institutions stopped being places defined by this fundamental ideal.

Our educational philosophy is mainly focus on positive reinforcement with praise, encouragement, enthusiasm and affection, rather than criticism, fear, and punishment. We constantly work to develop a good sense of discipline and sound moral character, where all students are expected to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, and fortitude, conforming with the ever-changing norms of society.

As a Principal, I would like to acknowledge team work put in by the entire staff of the college and my thanks go to them working tirelessly for the benefits of the students as well as college.

Dr. Manoj R. Patel
(M.A., Ph.D)

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